The Top Trinity Groves Instagram Photos

Instagram users have uploaded more than 17,000 photos they snapped in and around Trinity Groves — and we love every single one of them. But we still have to play favorites every now and again. Taken together, these recent Instagrams do a fantastic job of telling the story of what Trinity Groves is all about: unparalleled dining experiences, making memories with family and friends and taking in some of the most beautiful (and distinctive) sights Dallas has to offer.

From vegan tacos sure to please any meat-eater to the Spanish octopus Chef Omar Flores serves up at Casa Rubia, there’s a dish for every taste among Trinity Groves’ unique collection of restaurant incubators (that includes dessert, too!).

Vegan tacos from V-Eats:


Octopus at Casa Rubia:

This place is legit. I can’t stop eating. #tapas #casarubiadallas #trinitygroves

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Cake Bar:

Speaking of sweet treats, LUCK recently treated guests to a unique pairing of beer and donuts.

Donuts and beer at LUCK:

Donut and beer pairing at #luck at #trinitygroves with @glazeddonutworks

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Beto & Son is another Trinity Groves tenant that specializes in one-of-a-kind libations. Have you ever chilled out with a flash-frozen margarita? Best not to try this at home.

Liquid nitrogen margarita at Beto & Son: 

Then again, if you’re more in the mood for a classic cocktail, it looks like The Hall has probably got you covered, as this photo captured by Melissa Galownia proves.

The Hall’s bar: 

If only I was #thirsty so many #beverage #choices #options are good! #lunchtime #bar #dallas #trinitygroves

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Dinner at Trinity Groves is about more than the food, however. It’s about ambiance and music and dancing, too.

Patio weather: 

What a day…patio weather in December! #amazeballs #dallas #betoandson #trinitygroves #nofilter

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Interior lights: 

There's always light at the end of the tunnel

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Belly dancing at Souk: 

Eric Scortia at Babb Bros.: 

You’ll find that creativity isn’t confined to the kitchens at Trinity Groves either. Art is woven into the very fabric of the neighborhood.

Erin Cluley: 

FLAGRANT at Erin Cluley: 

Zeke Williams: Flagrant @erincluleygallery

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Rise Above mural: 

"I see what's possible when we recognize that we are one American family, all deserving of equal treatment, all deserving of equal respect, all children of God. That's the America that I know." President Barack Obama, Dallas, TX 7-12-16 🇺🇸✊🏿💪🏾🙌🏽☝🏼🙏🏻 #imwithus #riseabove #obamasaysgoodbye #tonight #dallasstrong . This Dallas mural, "Rise Above Rebel," is the work of artist Shepard Fairey who is also known for the famous Obama "Hope" poster. You can also find a version of the mural in Paris. . . . #obama #barackobama #mypresident #shepardfairey #dallasmurals #streetart #trinitygroves #dallas #dallastx #finishthisfight #manymeanings #merylstreep #queen #Texas forever 🌵🇨🇱🌮✭🏈#texasforever_srm

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Birds mural: 

#igersdallas #visitdallas #publicart #muralart #mural #trinitygroves

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As if Erin Cluley’s shows and the diverse array of street art on display around Trinity Groves aren’t eye-popping enough, there are also stunning views of the Dallas skyline that you can’t get anywhere other than Trinity Groves. From sunrise to sunset, even in silhouette, our city looks great from here.

Sunrise at Trinity Groves: 

View from the Trinity Levee trail: 

A cloudy backdrop for the Trinity Groves Bridge.

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Dallas – you're like really pretty. 😍💁🏻 #Dallas

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Even in silhouette: 

Good morning Dallas you beauty!! #sunrise #nofilter #dallas #texas #trinitygroves

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Trinity Groves isn’t just where Dallas shops and eats. It’s also where Dallas comes together. Thanks to your support, Trinity Groves has helped revitalize Dallas’ urban core. We’re proud to be a member of your community.

Community Pack Walk at Trinity Groves: 

Hey Dallas friends! Mark your calendars as we are going to have another free Community Pack Walk on February 12th at 3PM. It'll be the My Furry Valentine Edition. ❤ We'll be meeting at the Continental Ave Pedestrian Bridge (300 Canada Dr for your GPS) and walk along the Trinity River for about an hour. We'll take pictures in between, group pictures in the end, and we'll have lots of fun together. 🙂 Those pack walks are a great opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a structured environment, ask questions about dog training, meet new people and dogs, and to just get out and have a good time. Go to Facebook and look up DogFit Dallas for all of the details and rules for the walk (e.g. no flexi leashes, keep space, bring water and poop bags etc). We look forward to meeting and seeing all of you there. ————————————- Photo credit: @skyfi

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Kevin Hart 5K: 


Kids playing: